List Of Chemicals


To use for general cleaning solutions. Non-acidic and user friendly.

Steel Brite

To use for stainless steel application i.e interior & exterior of lift

TBC 211

To use for non-gloss tiles, toilet light stain dissolving. Low PH acidic.

Clorox & Soap Powder

To use for cleaning the diffuse chambers, rubbish bins. Will eliminate bad odor.


To use at diffuse chambers and any part/area for hard stain. Dissolves dirt on most surfaces. Non-acidic.


To use for polished concrete and bomanite floor cleaning.

Jiff (Cream)

To use on ceramic surface i.e. sinks and toilet bowls.

Scouring Powder

To use for ceramic tiles floor for scrubbing. To remove dirt marks on grouting lines to tiles.


This chemical gives a refreshing fragrance. Usually used in Common toilets. tiles.

305 Quad Sanitizer

To use for hard surface/high touch surface.