Pillars Of Excellence

We are here to ensure you that we strongly uphold our pillars of excellence to achieve our customer’s satisfaction which is by providing service beyond expectation and achieving cleanliness which more than a normal cleaning company would do.

This is our 5 pillars of excellence that we strongly hold on to

  1. Service Beyond expectation

    We mean business and a long term business, in order to achieve that, we at REVOLUSI GAGAH believe that by attaining our customer satisfaction and providing service beyond expectation will build a form of trust from our customer towards our company.

  2. Supervision

    Supervision of our staff is important. This it to assure that our staff is delivering the service as what is required and to make sure that it is done with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction for our customer. The management doesn’t mind to get their hands dirty to assure our customer contentment.

  3. Competency

    Our staffs are trained on the jobs and how to handle the machines. Steps and checklist are given to our staffs to follow strictly to ensure jobs are carried accordingly and done efficiently. With high level of training provided our staffs are trusted to provide service up to the REVOLISI GAGAH standard.

  4. Value added service

    We are here to make sure that our customer is satisfied with our service. We believe the entire job done, must be beneficial, value added, and sometimes need to go the extra mile with our own initiative. With our experience and knowledge, we will bring out the WOW factor.

  5. Never say no

    When a job or task given to us we will ensure we will do our best and make sure that it done. REVOLUSI GAGAH believe that everything is possible. We will do our best to meet whatever our client expectation is and achieving it is the goal of our company. Trust us we did it before and we will always do it again and AGAIN.