About Us

REVOLUSI GAGAH strives to provide service above expectation and to “WOW” our customers. We work hard to ensure our service is recognized by our customer and having them satisfied by the choice that they have made which choosing us to make sure that cleanliness is the company’s top priority. Our company is build upon a team with vast experience in cleaning and most important of all with a burning desire to achieve our customer satisfaction no matter what it may take.

Our company is focused on jobs assigned to us which we will dedicate our effort on the task given and to produce result above expectation.

REVOLUSI GAGAH cleaning service might be a new registered company in cleaning industry but rest assured we have years of experience in cleaning industry and manpower handling.

We believe by providing clean, safe and hygienic workplace and home it can provide a sense of comfort and happiness for everyone. We at REVOLUSI GAGAH focus in providing such feeling for our client and above all we do it with all of our heart!

We might be new but believe us we have the required experience in cleaning industry.


To deliver the highest standards of cleaning service to achieve our customer satisfaction and to provide the most comprehensive service in cleaning industry.


To be one of the leading companies in cleaning industry and uphold our company motto “Nobody Can Out-Clean Us” which simply means to be the top provider in cleaning industry.